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Initiative by Rural Development Department

SHGs (Self Help Group)

SHGs are novel and innovative organizational setup in India for the women upliftment and welfare. All women in India are given chance to join any one of SHGs for training and development, so as to be prospective entrepreneur and skilled worker. The SHGs are promoted by the Government as if women in India may not be resourceful enough to be entrepreneurs. When the SHGs arrange training facilities to carry out certain kind of work which are suitable for women in India, bank must arrange financial assistance to carry out manufacturing and trading activities, arranging marketing facilities while the Governments will procure the product of SHGs, arrange for enhancing the capacity of women in terms of leadership quality and arranging for the management of SHGs by themselves so as to have administrative capacity. As a social movement with government support. SHGs become more or less a part and parcel of the society.